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Helical Gears
HPC Gears  Helical Gears


Data & price pdfs for Helical Gears:



When ordering Helicals, Please remember to specify Left Hand or Right Hand. E.g. for Parallel Axis SH1-32/LH and for Crossed Axis H0.7-9/RH.

Please select from PARALLEL Helical gears:
Please select from CROSSED Helical gears:

 Standard Materials
 Steel (En32)

 Outside Diameter
 Max :750mm
 Min : 3mm

 0.4mod - 6mod
 64DP - 6DP

 Face Width
 Max : 130mm (5")

 When running small number of teeth gears with a corrected PCD, you may encounter a large amount of backlash. To rectify this the centre distance may be moved closer together.

 Crossed and Parallel Axis (left hand and right hand). Metric and Imperial sizes.  Available Plain or Bossed and Pilot Bored as  standard.

 Larger pitch gears can be made to order.