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Spur Gears
HPC Gears  Spur Gears


Data & price pdf download for Spur Gears: (Includes steel, heavy duty and plastic)

Please select type of gear:

 Standard Materials
 Steel (En32, En24 and En58)

 Outside Diameter
 Max : 750mm
 Min : 3mm

 0.25mod to 8mod
 96DP to 4DP

 Pressure Angle


 Face Width
 Max : 130mm (5")

 When running small number of teeth gears together with a corrected PCD, you may encounter a large amount of backlash. To rectify this the centre distance may be moved closer together.

 Stock parts are available for immediate delivery. Our Spur Gears are produced both in  Metric and Imperial sizes, with or without bosses as standard. Standard materials  include Steel (En32, En58 and En24) and Delrin with many more available on request.  All Gears come with standard pilot bore or alternatively bored and keyed to your  requirements. Modifications such as tooth correction, altered dimensions, hardening,  anodised etc can be carried out.
 Anti-backlash gears are produced as standard for your high precision applications. A  selection of standard moulded Hostaform gears are available for an economical  alternative for your low torque requirements.

 Larger pitch spur gears can be made to order.